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Shaping Leaders of Tomorrow

Admissions Open 2024-2025

Nurturing Growth: Playgroup, LKG and UKG

Our preschool initiative is a testament to our commitment to fostering the holistic development of the youngest members of our educational community. This program provides a nurturing and stimulating environment for children aged 3 to 5,  to cultivate a lifelong love of learning.

Our preschool curriculum is thoughtfully crafted to promote cognitive, social, and emotional growth, ensuring that our little learners embark on their educational journey with a strong foundation. The dedicated team of educators, who possess both expertise and passion for early childhood education, create a safe and supportive atmosphere where children can explore, inquire, and develop critical skills.


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`Commitment to Excellence' - To spawn a new generation of learners who are guided by dreams and ambitions and are committed to excellence. We believe that every child is blessed with a unique set of attributes and talents, which needs to be nurtured and mentored to bring out the best in them. Our mission of education is to provide a learning environment which inspires children to explore manifold possibilities in their quest for knowledge.



Ranked No. 1 School in Lucknow

-By Education Today


Dewang Mehta Education

Leadership Award


Ranked among

India's Best School with AAAA Rating

- Careers360

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Education Leadership Award

- By Dewang Mehta National Education Awards


Ranked No. 1 School in Uttar Pradesh for Holistic Development of Students

– By India School Awards


Top 500 Schools of India

- Brainfeeds Excellence Awards

Why Scholars' Home?

Scholars' Home maintains pace with the fast-changing trends and scope of education. The traditional classroom learning is consistently enhanced at every stage to expose the students to the technological shifts and competitions. The idea is to motivate and inspire the young minds for a fun oriented learning experience.


We provide bespoke teaching and learning opportunities in a diverse environment to help students thrive well in a multi-voiced school culture. We deliver a broad and balanced curriculum supported by extra-curricular activities, class presentations, debates, dramatics, sports, music, community service and much more to help in complete holistic development of the student.


It Takes a Leader to Inspire Another

At Scholars' Home, we recognize the pivotal role of effective school leaders and managers in ensuring the highest quality education for our learners. To empower our educational leaders, we have implemented a comprehensive set of strategies and approaches. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is at the core of our efforts, encouraging our leaders to engage in ongoing training and development programs, including workshops and seminars that focus on leadership, management, and educational trends. In addition to CPD, we foster mentorship and coaching relationships, where experienced leaders mentor and share their knowledge with aspiring leaders, creating a dynamic and practical learning environment. Our custom-tailored Leadership Training Programs address the specific needs of our school leaders, honing their skills in leadership, conflict resolution, and effective communication.



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Scholars' Home Best School in Lucknow - Awards




Scholars' Home Review 1

Mayank Rajani, IIT-BHU, Google, Software Engineer

For my success, I would like to acknowledge my teachers who helped me succeed in my Board examination with flying colours. The teachers here had knack to prepare us thoroughly for the important day of examination. Their consistent efforts were very helpful for us to cruise our way through the exam very easily!

Scholars' Home Alumni Review

Vivek Ranjan Maitrey, IAS

I am a proud alumnus of Scholars’ Home School. Not only this school cooperates with the students for optimum output in education but it also goes beyond traditional learning students by giving emphasis on discipline and values. I spent one of my important phases of life here, Standard 11th and 12th and I will always fondly remember them.

Scholars' Home Alumni Review

Suraj Prakash Gupta,

National Defence Academy

I am in National Defence Academy and it is the only tri-service academy in India among the few in world which train all army navy airforce together. The path to this was not easy it was only possible because of the guidance of Principal ma’am and my loving teachers at Scholars’ Home who always motivated.


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