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We are HIRING!!


At Scholars’ Home – The Complete School, our teachers help build a strong foundation, where students aspire to achieve greater heights. Our teachers make students believe in themselves and are constantly working towards imparting knowledge to students to make them more mature, talented individuals so that they can become citizens of the world.

Teachers are the torchbearers of the future of a nation. They are the ones who remove the darkness of ignorance and help their students attain knowledge. Every day, they create an atmosphere where children can explore their capabilities and hone their talent. When we look for new teachers to join us on our journey towards excellence, besides the obvious requirements of academic proficiency and the ability to effectively inspire learning, we look for an attitude that connects with ours. We look for a real love for children, team skills and a passion for teaching. We offer a creative and professionally satisfying environment that is open, fun, respectful, and appreciative.

Currently we are accepting CVs for the following posts:

Administrative Posts:

  1. Primary Section Incharge

  2. Middle Section Incharge

  3. Senior Section Incharge

  4. Vice-Principal

Pre-Primary Section

Experienced Graduates with experience of teaching Preschoolers in interactive and fun manner.

Junior Section Teachers (Class 1 - 4)

  1. Maths

  2. English

  3. History

  4. Science

Senior Section Teachers (Classes 9 - 12)  (ICSE and ISC)

  1. Biology

  2. History

  3. Political Science

  4. English

If you see yourself being a part of Scholars’ Home and are interested in a satisfying career shaping life of our future leaders, then please share your resumes at or apply online by filling the form given below:

Middle School (Classes 5 - 8):

  1. English

  2. Hindi

Job Application
Subjects: (If applying for Teaching Position or Position of Incharge)
Upload Resume

Job Application Submitted ! Best of Luck!

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